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Social Security Appointed Representatives Service

Greenbacks and Associates Group is dedicated to helping those needing assistance when applying for Social Security Disability benefits. Whether you are trying to apply for Social Security Disability (SSDI) and/or Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Our Social Security Appointed Representatives can help.

There are no upfront fees. 

When your application is approved by the Social Security Administration.

Our fees are paid from an authorized fee arrangement you make with us. 


Our services include: 

(1) becoming your appointed representative, which enables us to act in your behalf; and

(2) starting the application process; and

(3) researching and collecting your medical evidence; and

(4) communicating with all essential and necessary agencies; and (5) completing and submitting your application; and

(6) lastly, as an added bonus, we will represent you and file an appeal, if your application is denied. 

To book this service, call us at 719-337-8271.


Need to file an appeal?

If you have already submitted an application with the Social Security Administration and it was denied. Our Social Security Appointed Representatives can help. 

Call us for more information, 719-337-8271


We are not attorneys, and we can not provide legal advice

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